- 折り鶴との歩み -

- My Life With Oriduru -
Like most children in Japan, I was introduced to the world of origami paper folding at a young age. With just a single sheet of paper various forms can be expressed. I was particularly impressed by orizuru, the crane, which is the most well-known traditional origami form. Origami is known worldwide and has become quite popular. Orizuru is not only beautiful as an art form, but is a symbol of prayer in Japan.
From time immemorial, the Japanese people have been keen to some
invisible power in things in the natural world. We feel some objects have a soul, and we pray to them for peace, happiness, health, & etc. I’ve come to understand these feelings over the years while enjoying the process of folding origami figures, in particular the orizuru crane. While
folding orizuru I try to endow them with such feelings as hope or peace.
It is my wish to communicate with people through my art. I hope you can feel that soul or power when looking at my artwork, and feel peace and harmony with nature.

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